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Our Design Bureau will develop an individual drawing and calculate the cost of your order. And after the approval stage, we will complete your order on time.
design Bureau
Our Design Bureau will develop an individual drawing and calculate the cost of your order. And after the approval stage, we will complete your order on time.
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Leave a request and experienced managers will help you choose the desired model or prototype of the project and agree on all the details.
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Ferocon metal furniture
Eco-friendly and durable metal furniture is actively used not only at enterprises and factories in Ukraine. She is ordered by shops, offices, banks, educational and medical institutions, sports clubs. In each case, separate requirements are imposed on dimensions, equipment, decorative and protective coating. You can order a suitable option for metal furniture on the website of the manufacturer Ferocon.

A design project will be developed individually for each client, the cost will be calculated, delivery and installation times will be agreed. Managers will definitely offer warranty service for the purchased products.

Professional manufacture of metal furniture in Ukraine
All Ferocon products are manufactured in two factories in specially equipped workshops. Orders are accepted from private clients and legal entities. Individual drawings are developed by the engineers of the design office. Designers are responsible for the look and feel. All metal furniture created in Kharkov according to standard projects is presented in the catalog of the online store. Ukrainian-made goods are different:

- high reliability - iron of optimal thickness 0.65-1.0 mm is used for office equipment, and 1.0-1.5 mm for safes;
- multifunctionality - allows operation in heated and unheated rooms, warehouses, workshops;
- corrosion resistance - each product is primed and covered with a special protective paint that prevents the appearance of rust;
- at a price that is always available to buyers.

Hardware matters too. For example, the doors of cabinets and pedestals are equipped with conventional or anti-vandal locks. Locking devices are selected at the request of the customer. They are additionally equipped with non-removable hinges, therefore they are initially protected from burglary. The color of the coating must be discussed so that the metal furniture made in Ukraine would correspond to the corporate style and office interior.

Metal furniture at an affordable price
Modern methods of metal processing and corrosion protection made it possible to use it in the production of furniture for industrial, technical purposes, as well as for use in public institutions. On the Ferocon website, buyers will always find a range of popular products at an affordable cost.

Safes. The device for storing valuables, papers, information carriers is used both at home and in the office, bank, at the enterprise. Models of portable, built-in, floor-standing type are always available.
Cabinets. They are no less common goods. They can be archived, file-based, and also designed for storing things.
Shelving. The production of this metal furniture is always affordable and put on stream. It is ordered not only by enterprises, but also by private clients. Used in households for open storage of large and small things, medicines, food, vegetables. Also used in enterprises for storing documentation in archives, accounting departments, offices.
A separate and specific position is industrial furniture. These products are represented by metal work benches, consisting of a steel base (structure with 4 legs) and a table top made of thick moisture resistant plywood. Also, the upper part can be coated with sheet aluminum / stainless steel with dielectric properties. In the second case, the surface is protected from contact with chemicals, hot objects (for example, a heated tip of a soldering iron). It is subject to less wear and tear and lasts longer, even with active use.

Metal furniture in Kharkov - what to look for when buying in an online store
Prefabricated structures differ from handicraft in clear forms, accurate processing of ends, strict design and functionality. All elements are precisely fitted, do not emit squeaks or other extraneous sounds during use. Cabinets, cabinets, racks are collapsible, which simplifies their transportation not only upon delivery, but also in the event of a company, organization or enterprise moving to a new location.

When choosing such products, additional attention is paid to the thickness of the metal. If this is an archival cabinet or a rack for storing relatively light things, papers, then steel with a thickness of 0.8-1.0 mm is enough. In such cases, there is no point in overpaying for thicker and more expensive iron.

Racks for household use are most often made of steel with a thickness of 0.65 mm. This design can be easily carried alone, quickly assembled and installed in the desired location.

For the production of safes, a metal furniture factory in Ukraine uses sheets of millimeter or thicker plates. It guarantees absolute reliability and safety of its products.

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