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Linen closets

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Burglary resistance
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Metal cabinet SBM-5
Metal cabinet SBM-5

4 950.00 грн.

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Cabinet  SHBM-1
Cabinet  SHBM-1

3 390.00 грн.

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Metal cabinet SHBM-10
Metal cabinet SHBM-10

6 450.00 грн.

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Linen closet with shelves from Ferocon: the ideal solution for commercial organizations
Organize with metal cabinets to collect used uniforms, disposable underwear, towels and other essentials. These products have become an integral part of the locker rooms of industrial enterprises, sports clubs and water parks, providing unsurpassed convenience and organization in the process of storage. If you want to optimize your textile sorting and placement process, our linen cabinets from Ferocon represent a reliable solution for your business.
Strength and reliability of the metal structure
Our main concern is to ensure the durability and reliability of our products. Constructed from high quality metal, they are designed to withstand heavy use in a commercial environment. The metal construction provides strength and resistance to damage, which makes these models durable and retain their functionality and appearance for a long time.
Cell closet for storage of linen: Efficient use of space
This model allows you to effectively use the available space in commercial premises. With the option to choose between 5 and 10 compartment models, you can easily organize personalized storage for your staff or clients. Each drawer provides a separate place to put and store things, which contributes to the order and order in your room.
Single-door linen cabinet: simplicity and convenience
This model is equipped with a hinged door, which provides quick and convenient access to stored items, and a top loading window. Also, one of the advantages is the collapsible design of the product, which makes it easy to assemble the case on site and, if necessary, quickly disassemble it for carrying or rearranging.
Security and privacy
We understand the importance of security and privacy when storing personal belongings, which is why our storage systems are equipped with secure locks to protect against unauthorized access.
Ease of use and convenience for staff
Our products are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Easy-to-open doors and smooth mechanisms provide easy access to items, allowing employees to easily retrieve their work uniforms or personal items. This contributes to increased productivity and work comfort.
Stylish design to match any interior
Our collection of linen closets features a modern and aesthetic design. Due to their versatility, they will perfectly fit into any interior of a commercial space. You will be able to create a harmonious exemplary look for your organization and show the professionalism of your brand. We are also ready to fulfill your individual order and create a wardrobe with any functionality and in any color.
Buy a linen closet from the Ukrainian manufacturer of metal furniture Ferocon
Unique advantages of working with us:

  1. Customization: We offer the opportunity to manufacture goods that fully meet your requirements and needs.
  2. Wholesale and retail: We are ready to provide both wholesale and retail conditions for the purchase of our products.
  3. Delivery in Ukraine and Europe: Our company provides fast and reliable delivery of our metal furniture not only throughout Ukraine, but also to other European countries.
  4. Prices directly from the factory: We provide attractive and competitive prices without intermediaries.
  5. Warranty: We guarantee the high quality and reliability of every metal product from Ferocon. Each of our products is subject to strict quality control before shipping.
  6. Unsurpassed European product quality
  7. Large assortment: We have a wide range of metal furniture for any purpose.

Join the many satisfied customers who have already chosen us as their supplier. Trust the experience of our company and ensure maximum functionality and aesthetics in your workspace.

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