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Office cabinet Ferocon ШСБ 11-01-04

5 years
manufacturer warranty
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1 866.00 грн.

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Metal office (accounting) cabinet Ferocon ШСБ 11-01-04х18х04-Ц-7035 is intended for storage of documentation, books, files and other office items. In the basic configuration, the cabinet is equipped with 4 shelves. The cabinet is made of sheet steel, which will provide a reliable level of protection for its contents, unlike plastic or wood cabinets. Three keys and 4 regiments are included in the package of an office case. The span between the fasteners for shelves - 7cm.

Buying a cabinet from the manufacturer, you get a quality product with a warranty of up to 5 years. Ferocon metal furniture has an affordable price and excellent quality. Own production allows you to make individual models for your order. We can calculate the required number of modular sections based on the area of ​​the room for the organization of dressing rooms. By production of modular cases from metal powder and polymeric painting is used - the most modern type of coloring of metal.

Description 400 х 1800 х 400
Clockspeed Ручка-замок
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own design bureau, we will calculate and make an individual order in a short time.
state-of-the-art equipment, we keep up with new technologies to ensure the highest quality products.
own service. We not only produce, but also provide warranty service for our products.
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