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Safes for hotels

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Burglary resistance
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Safe hotel Ferocon BS-24E
Safe hotel Ferocon BS-24E

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Safes for hotels: so that valuables are under reliable protection
Until relatively recently, guests of hotels, hotels and hostels could leave valuable property in the lockers at the reception. Our company offers to buy safes for hotels to provide the guest with confidence in the protection of his property. Their presence in the room will increase the comfort and coziness of the guests' stay, since they will not have to worry about the safety of things. The catalog includes an extensive selection of this equipment, with reliable closing systems, robust housings and stylish design.

Safes for hotel rooms: features of the lineup
Safes for hotel rooms vary in purpose. There are cash boxes where you can put cash, structures for storing weapons, compact models for documentation (passports, tickets for transport, travel papers, etc.), as well as universal devices, the capacity of which allows you to place everything you need. The latter can be installed not only in living rooms, but also in changing rooms or recreation areas.

According to the type of castle, they are classified into the following groups:



Code is included in the ranking of the most common. The user selects a combination of numbers (code), the lock opens only after entering it. Consequently, no one else will be able to access things - it is almost impossible to guess the set of numbers and its sequence by random selection.

With key lock
Such models are the simplest, but, in the presence of a complex locking system, they are quite reliable. But a share of responsibility is also required from the guest of the room: you must always take the key with you and make sure that it is not lost.

They are opened with a special magnetic card. You should carry the card with you and take care that it does not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons. There are models that are custom made for a particular hotel as part of a security system. You can open them only with your number card.

They are installed in high-class hotels, being the most modern equipment. Opening occurs after scanning the fingerprint.

As for the design, it can be different. For example, a cache-book will become not only a reliable "keeper" of valuable things, but also a stylish element of the decor.

Separately, it is worth considering the difference between hotel safes and analogs for home installation. Specialized equipment provides for the possibility of emergency opening by an employee of the administration or security service of the hotel if the guest has forgotten the code, lost the key or card. If this happens with a household device, you will need the help of the manufacturer's service department to correct the situation.

Buy a safe for a hotel in Kharkov at an affordable cost
If you want to purchase a high-quality hotel safe at a bargain price, please contact us:

Having our own production allows us to set prices ourselves, so that the cost of products will not hit the budget. Wholesale customers are provided with personal discounts.
The models that are most in demand in terms of characteristics are always on sale;
In addition to selling finished products, we carry out orders for the manufacture of devices with the characteristics required by the client. The design bureau specialists will develop an option that will optimally meet the customer's expectations.
Each copy is provided with a 5-year warranty, warranty service is provided
Working with us, you will increase the level of security, improve the comfort of living for clients, and also create a positive image for your establishment. We offer mutually beneficial cooperation to hotel owners and companies engaged in the design and furnishing of rooms.

On sale are:

burglar-proof cash boxes;
compact safes for hotel rooms;
wardrobes safes for hotels with a large number of reception areas.
We deliver to all regions of Ukraine by transport companies. Our warehouses and representative offices are located in Kiev, Kharkov and Lvov - here you can pick up the safe for the hotel yourself. Payment is made in cash, bank cards, we work by bank transfer with companies.

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