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Banquette for medical institutions

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Medical double bench with backrest
Medical double bench with backrest

2 519.00 грн.

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Medical three-seater bench without back
Medical three-seater bench without back

3 130.00 грн.

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Three-seater medical bench with backrest
Three-seater medical bench with backrest

5 380.00 грн.

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The medical bench is one of the most important pieces of furniture for the secondary function of any classroom. Vona will ensure the comfort and speed of the patients before the hour of reception. A whole type of medical furniture is guilty of being obvious whether it is a clinic, a clinic, a dentist, a sanatorium, a professional or a cosmetology room.
The banquet is indispensable for the most flexible robots with the patients. Tsey is a standard subject, often vicarious in everyday practice of medical mortgage. There are different types of medical banquets, but also the stench is seen for its design and size.

Teepee medical banquettes
For their design, the medical banquettes are:
* Medical bench with back. Naybіlsh unіversalny and often vikorisovvaniyu options, for the shape of its frame nagad shop.
* Medical bench without back. The model is more cheap and less popular; it is more often than not to be victorious in children's clinics and dentist offices.
Also, banquets are assigned for a number of patients for those who won, so buva:
* Banquette medical trim_sna
* The bench is medical double
* The medical bench is single
The vibe of the type of model is laid out in the format of a medical cabinet and a set of furniture. For example, the banquette is medical 3-х mіstseva-ideal option for the quick, the most permissive one-hour development of up to three grown-up patients. At that hour, there is a single banquet for laboratories, management and for children rooms and wards of hospitals.
In addition, the models can be considered one of one with different dimensions.
Before the time you buy a banquet, you will be able to use it for certain purposes, for whatever purposes you will be able to buy a banquet, it is also easy to find the required type.

Banquet characteristics
The main characteristics of such medical furniture are reliability, quality, good friendliness and handiness for a patient.
Sidinnya reminiscent of soft and soft upholstery materials. Such a medical banquet is characterized by a high level of reliability and trivial terms of exploitation.
The frame made of metal is made of polymeric powder coating, which will preserve the virob of a presentable call view. The upholstery is easy to clean and carry over the injection of versatile missions. This kind of furniture is even more practical, when it’s too big, it’s too functional to finish a trivial hour.
On this year the greatness of this medical possession is presented. Їх design to lie without prior to іх designation, and іnter'ru de voni will be victorious.

De buy a medical banquet
The company "Feracon" is a leader in the production of medical furniture throughout Ukraine. At the catalog site you can get acquainted with the assortment of medical banquets from the virobnik. The price for our products is guaranteed and available, and you can buy special offers for a great price. Shop proponu pіznі, zruchnі form of purchases of goods. For wholesalers, the "Feracon" company proposes products at low prices. All products on the feracon website are certified according to ISO 9001 standards, which will provide the guarantee of a skin virob. Consider the exchange of goods according to the proper legislation of Ukraine.
Our managers will consult you online or by phone.

Payment and delivery
Mi proponumo development forms of payment for a refund, a price for a non-compliant price, or a payment for a ready-made payment (pislyaplata). After a penny re-order, if the goods are discarded from the delivery service, the Buyer will pay for the tariffs of the delivery service.
Delivery of a replacement across Ukraine is available by transferring companies: Nova Poshta, Deliveri. There is also an available option for self-transporting goods in one of our service centers in Kharkiv, Lviv and Kiev.

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