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Weapon Cabinets

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Weapon cabinet for assault АК-74
Weapon cabinet for assault АК-74

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Buy weapon cabinet inexpensively

To equip a safe place for placing weapons, you can buy a ready-made gun cabinet or make it according to an individual project. Unlike a safe, a cabinet is a lightweight, welded structure that can simultaneously hold several weapons: rifles, shotguns or machine guns.
Despite its lighter weight and thinner steel, the cabinet meets the standards for storing weapons, it can even be used in military and security structures. A metal cabinet for storing weapons is installed in shooting ranges, security agencies, military units, police or gun shops. It is also allowed to use it for private use and storage of weapons collections.
The weapon cabinet can be of different sizes. The narrow models are suitable for 1-2 weapons, and the large weapons cabinet can hold up to 20 barrels. Dimensions allow you to place weapons without disassembling. Corner armory cabinet - an ideal solution for a small room. The model is compact and spacious. Also, this design can be part of a modular design with several cabinets.

How to choose a weapon cabinet

The current norms for the storage of weapons for private owners, for example, hunters, and enterprises differ, as well as the norms for the way of storing different types of weapons differ. Regardless of the varying factors, a weapon storage cabinet should:
have a wall or floor mount;
made of steel or wood, but sheathed with sheet metal.
The cost of the cabinet depends on the quality and thickness of the metal. Steel 3-6 mm - withstands hammer blows and is difficult to crack with improvised means. There are also fireproof models that can maintain a stable temperature inside the cabinet and protect weapons and ammunition in the event of a fire. But such products are much more expensive than structures with a thickness of 1-2 mm.
When choosing a lock, you must focus not on its type, but on the protection class. For example, a lever key lock with an armored pad will provide a better degree of protection than a code system.
An important part of the rifle cabinet is the barrel holders. You can choose a stationary mount or a magnet, which allows you to determine the location yourself.

Why is it profitable to buy Ferocon weapon cabinets

Ferocon provides a large selection of simple, welded 0-1 burglar-resistant cabinet models. We can also make a custom gun cabinet. There are two options for working:
cabinet making according to your drawings;
model development in our design office based on your measurements and wishes.
The production capacity allows you to quickly implement a modular system of several cabinets. Despite the complexity of the design and the volume of the batch, your order will be produced in a short time.
The cabinet according to individual drawings can be of any thickness, with several compartments, including a separate internal, lockable compartment (tracer) for bullets, cartridges or gunpowder. The standard weapon cabinet is closed with a key lock. According to an individual project, it is possible to choose a reliable electronic or code.
Thanks to the pricing policy of the Ferocon company, you can choose a high-quality and reliable cabinet for any budget. Wholesale customers can get a special price offer. We work with state-owned enterprises, individuals and individual entrepreneurs.
In addition to weapon cabinets, we can make safes with any level of burglary resistance. You can buy a cabinet for weapons in a few clicks on the website. Delivery across Ukraine is possible regardless of the size of the structure.

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