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Cabinet first aid kit

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First aid cabinet is a specialized hanging medical cabinets of small sizes, designed for storing medicines and medical equipment for first aid. Commonly used in clinics, medical offices, dentistry, trauma points, offices, and any other medical or community organization. They are often used in production and enterprises where there is a high risk of injury. A production first-aid cabinet is convenient to use and does not take up much space, therefore it is often used wherever it is necessary to organize a space for a pharmacy.

Where are used

Their design ideally combines practicality and functionality, as well as simple design solutions, so they will easily fit into the interior of a medical institution, office, apartment or private house. Due to its versatility, the metal cabinet of the first aid kit can also be ideal for exterior decoration. As an example, a wall-mounted first aid kit for a home would be the best option to save space.

How to choose a cabinet for a hinged first aid kit?

The main task of such a hanging cabinet is the reliable storage of medicines and medical equipment. The choice of a box for a first-aid kit is influenced by the place indoors or outdoors that you would like to organize for this. If space is limited, then the best option is a wall-mounted first-aid cabinet. If there is enough space, then you can consider the option of a full-fledged cabinet with glass or metal doors. The main requirement for such furniture is the strength and durability of the material. Also, the cover of such a first aid kit should be resistant to disinfectants and easy to clean. After all, caring for hanging cabinets should not cause any difficulties.

Materials for the manufacture of wall-mounted medical cabinets

The main material for the manufacture of hanging cabinets is sheet steel with a preliminary anti-corrosion treatment. Each cabinet is painted with durable powder paint. Such a coating is more resistant to disinfecting treatment and is less prone to scratches and chips. There are models where cabinet doors can be metal or glass. In order to exclude the possibility of injury and to simplify the operation of the cabinet, special tempered glass is used. As a standard, light gray and white paint is used for coloring first-aid kits. The use in the manufacture of materials such as metal and glass contributes to the fact that the cost of the wall first aid kit is affordable, and the durability is high.

Metal cabinet first aid kit from the company "Ferocon"

If you decide to buy a wall mounted medicine cabinet. We recommend that you visit the website of the online store of metal and medical furniture Feracon. Our company is engaged in its own design and production of medical furniture and guarantees its quality. All products comply with international standards. The quality and guarantee of each of the products is confirmed by the corresponding certificates. On the Feracon website, there is a catalog with an assortment of different models, different sizes and configurations, and if you have not found the one you need, we also manufacture custom-made wall cabinets for the first aid kit. The advantage of buying from us is always the most favorable prices on the market. And regular promotions and sales will help you to purchase goods with a pleasant discount. You can order a model that would be ideal for its functions and price. Manufacturing is made of high quality metal, ensuring long-term use. Our experienced managers will advise you online or by phone on the terms of delivery and payment, as well as help you make the right choice and order the required model. You can pick up the goods yourself free of charge at one of our customer service centers in Kiev, Lviv and Kharkov. Delivery across Ukraine is also possible through carrier companies: "New Mail", "Deliveri" or "Night Express".

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