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Built-in safe with electronic lock

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Burglary resistance
Safe type
Embedded safe Ferocon BWA-3018.E
Embedded safe Ferocon BWA-3018.E

4 480.00 грн.

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Embedded safe Ferocon VSB-2518.E
Embedded safe Ferocon VSB-2518.E

4 270.00 грн.

В Наличии

Installation method for embedded safe with electronic lock

The built-in electronic safe is one of the most popular models. It is often called a hiding place, since the structure is hidden from prying eyes. The main feature of this model is the way it is installed.
The safe is mounted in a hole prepared according to the required dimensions in the wall or in the floor, fixed with anchors, and then masked, for example, with the help of paintings, hanging boxes, rugs, bedside tables. This is necessary so that intruders cannot find the location of the cache, as well as restrict the access of household members, especially if there are small children in the house. The location of the structure can be any: bathroom, dressing room, wall in the office or in any other room.

It should be remembered that the safe can only be installed on a wall thicker than its overall depth. The wall material can be anything: concrete, brick, shell rock. Ideally, it is necessary to lay a place for a safe built into the wall with an electronic lock during the construction or renovation phase.

A built-in safe with an electronic lock is considered a universal model that can be used in an apartment or house, in the office of a manager or accounting, in hotels or hotels, as well as in enterprises or shops.


How to choose a recessed electronic safe

If you have decided on the place of installation of the structure, you can start looking for a suitable model. When choosing a small built-in safe, you need to consider:

  • dimensions of the structure so that it can be installed in the right place;
  • the purchase budget, since the class of the lock and the level of burglary resistance depend on this.

The externally liked model must be evaluated according to two main characteristics:

  • wall and door metal thickness;
  • type of lock.

For a structure that will be built into a wall or floor, it is allowed that the thickness of the walls is thinner than the door. In budget models, 3 mm steel is used, in more expensive models, the door is made of 6-10 mm steel.
The locking mechanism is chosen at the discretion of the future owner. There are models that can be locked with a key, and there is also a built-in safe with a combination lock. To increase the degree of reliability, you can choose an electronic lock to minimize the risk of losing keys, as well as protect the structure from burglary.

The electronic panel for entering the code runs on ordinary batteries. The safe comes with instructions on how to change the standard code to your own combination of numbers, as well as how to use the lock.


Why buy a built-in safe in our store

If you don't know where to find quality safes? Which shops should I go to and where are they located? Can you buy a safe over the Internet? We have the answer to your questions. On the website of the manufacturer of safes Ferocon, you can choose a design for any requirement and budget. Our experts will consult online or by phone, thereby saving you time looking for the right model.
In our assortment there are several lines of safes, which differ in the method of installation, dimensions and types of locks. Ferocon built-in safes, despite their small size, are characterized by good capacity. Small designs are usually single-shelf, but there are also models with an additional shelf or tracer inside.

In the online store, you can buy standard built-in safes with a mechanical or electronic lock. We produce inexpensive models of class H0, and we also accept orders for the manufacture of structures according to individual projects. In this case, you can make a model with any dimensions and burglary resistance class, independently choose the thickness of the metal, the brand of the lock and paint the structure to match the color of the walls.
You can order a safe from the Ferocon catalog from any city. Our specialist will call you back to clarify the details, and also take the data for registration of delivery to your address or to the nearest branch of New Mail or Deliveri. The cost and terms of shipment are set by the carrier companies.

No need to hide valuables under a mattress or in tea boxes, order reliable Ferocon safes. The price will pleasantly surprise you.

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