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Wall-mounted safes

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Practical and durable wall-mounted safe is the most secure and safe option for home and office storage of valuables
The built-in safe does an excellent job with its main function - the safety of documents and valuables - when installed in the wall and floor, and the characteristics of the location for its installation are practically unlimited. It is a universal protection for the property of private houses, apartments, offices, commercial and other premises.

Characteristic and design feature
A wall safe is a compact metal box with a standard reliable door, designed for permanent fixing in a niche in the wall specially prepared for it. Typically, such mounted safes are installed in the wall with anchor bolts or reinforced with reinforcement.
Unlike stationary models, built-in safes do not stand autonomously, but are mounted in the thickness of the wall. This is one of the most valuable parameters and distinctive characteristics of this particular type of safe. Since with its help such a position of the structure is provided in which such a safe cannot be broken or taken out. Even a budget built-in safe in the wall in an apartment will be more burglary-resistant than its non-built counterpart.

Built-in safes have a number of significant advantages:

Advanced burglary protection. A wall-mounted safe is more secure when attached to the wall. Since the wall material where the safe is built in serves as an additional protective barrier. At the same time, its door is made of high-strength steel and is additionally reinforced with a locking mechanism.
Fire safety of the safe. A concrete or brick wall that protects the safe from three sides is a natural heat insulator. These features of the frame design and type of installation increase the chances that wall safes and secret compartments with their contents will be reliably protected from fire in the event of a fire.
Specificity of use. Such a safe can be easily hidden from strangers with the help of decor. For example, paintings, mirrors, shelves, shelving structures, etc. Various types of locking mechanisms - key, mechanical or electronic lock - provide the possibility of convenient use of the safe, depending on the needs.
Large size range. Finding the required size of the built-in safe in the wall in the apartment will not be difficult. Thanks to the variety of options, you can easily choose the appropriate safe in accordance with the dimensions of the room and the peculiarity of the interiors. For full-fledged home storage, a mini-safe built into the wall is suitable. Such models are for the most part quite compact, due to their purpose. With all this, this size is enough to accommodate the most necessary things.

A small and practical wall-mounted safe in a home, apartment or office, ideal for safe storage:

Different types of weapons;
Any values. Cash, bank cards, bonds or jewelry, jewelry.

Buy a custom-made safe built into the wall from the manufacturer
The Feracon website contains a convenient electronic catalog of various models of secret safes, which differ in price, size or protection class. Each of the presented products has a photo and a detailed description of the technical and functional characteristics. Here you can not only choose and order the necessary safe at the most favorable cost, but also arrange delivery to Vinnitsa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kirovograd and any city of Ukraine through a transport company: New mail or Deliveri. You can also pick up the goods free of charge at one of our offices in Kiev, Lviv or Kharkov.
As a manufacturing company, Feracon guarantees its customers the quality and reliability of the goods and services provided. Thanks to the optimal delivery conditions, choosing the best option, you can be sure that the goods will be delivered to you in safety within a few days. You can get professional advice from our managers by phone or write to us on social networks.

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