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Roll container

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Mail container 710х1470х945
Mail container 710х1470х945

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Mail container 720х1725х870
Mail container 720х1725х870

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Mesh container
A mesh container (roll cage) is a structure consisting of a metal frame, a bottom and mesh walls that form a space for placing cargo. It can be completed with several shelves.
A roll container protects the boxes from damage during movement and saves time for transporting cargo, thanks to the stacking of boxes on top of each other. Depending on the place of use, they are divided into: a mail container for trade organizations and a container for industrial warehouses. Despite the external similarity, they differ in materials, sizes and permissible load.
Roll cage is used by logistics companies, post offices and freight forwarders to unload parcels. At airports and train stations, such structures are needed to transport passenger baggage. It is also used in stores, wholesalers or supermarkets to take goods out of the warehouse. Can be used in production, to move materials to the workplace.
Features of roll container

The metal mesh container must be stable and reliable. The structure must not only withstand the weight of the load, but also move freely around the room. When choosing a container model, you need to study:
model: welded, prefabricated, on casters;
dimensions so that the necessary boxes or boxes can be freely placed;
carrying capacity.
The main criterion for choosing a container is its capacity. Dimensions are selected depending on the size of the cargo to be transported. Both high and narrow containers, in which the basket height is 1800 mm, 750 mm wide, and low and wide structures, where the basket is 1200 mm wide and 800 mm high, are in demand.
The lifting capacity depends on the materials of construction. To buy a mesh container for a warehouse, you need to choose models in which the frame is made of a profile with a thickness of at least 2 mm, and the bottom is made of sheet metal. The empty structure weighs approximately 100 kg, but can hold approximately 800 kg. For the transportation of light and small-sized cargo, you can buy a roll container with a frame made of pipe, and the bottom is made of thin steel or mesh, the weight of an empty container is 30-35 kg, while it can withstand up to 270 kg.
Prefabricated structures are lighter and more mobile. With drop sides and lids, it is easier to load and unload boxes. The walls can be folded and when folded, the structure takes up a minimum of space. The main advantage of the mesh container on wheels is that it can be easily moved from the warehouse to the destination without forklifts or rockers. Additionally, it can be completed with removable shelves or a footrest.
Why buy from us
The Ferocon assortment includes mobile mesh containers that can be used for transporting small-sized cargo and for postal parcels. We make a base from a steel profile, unlike models from a tube frame, more than 350 kg can be loaded on it.
In the Ferocon store, you can buy a prefabricated mail container in various designs:
with four rigid mesh walls;
with three rigid walls and one removable textile wall with special hooks.
In addition to standard models, you can buy a roll cage made according to individual parameters. The design team will develop drawings with the dimensions you need, the number of shelves, the size of the mesh cell. The structure will be manufactured in the shortest possible time.
When ordering a metal mesh container on wheels, you can additionally install a brake system and choose swivel wheels with thread protection.
It doesn't matter which city you are in for us, since we ship products to any region. You can find out the cost of container delivery from the operator of the carrier company or using a calculator on the website of New Mail, Delivery or Night Express. The average delivery time to Ivano-Frankivsk, Poltava or Zaporozhye is 2 days. If the item is in stock, we will ship it on the day of ordering.

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