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Built-in safe

Many home or office owners want to place a safe in a place where access to it will be restricted to unauthorized visitors and guests. For example, behind a picture or behind a sofa. Either the room is small and free space is limited, but you need to put the storage here. In these cases, the best option is a built-in safe. Especially this type of safes is relevant to install when it is planned or is the repair of the room. Indeed, in this case, you can put the store almost anywhere, and then do the interior decorative wall decoration.

Ferocon manufactures built-in safes accordingly. At the same time in 2 series: standard VSB and premium WS-PL.


We will understand the design features of this type of safe and the differences between the two series.

The built-in safe has a rather thick door (6-8 mm) and thinner walls - 1.4-2 mm. This is due to the fact that the entire body will be mounted in a brick or concrete wall, which will serve as its additional protection. Thus, only the door will be visible, and accordingly it is the most durable element of the safe.

Standard models can be equipped with both mechanical and electronic locks to choose from. The Premium Line WS-PL series has only the mechanical performance of the key mechanism - the reliable English Lowe & Fletcher deputy.

Each product has holes for fastening with anchors to a vertical or horizontal surface.

The hinges on the doors are internal, which prevents them from being cut by intruders.


The overall dimensions of the standard assortment of safes are given below.

VSB Series:

Height - 250, 300, 400 mm

Width - 180, 250, 300 mm

Depth - 180 mm.

Premium Line:

Height - 210, 250, 320 mm

Width - 300, 360, 400, 430 mm

Depth - 160, 190, 200, 270 mm

Safes of all series are made in such a nice gray color that fits perfectly into any interior.

A guarantee is provided for all models of safes, which is 5 years for a metal case and 1 year for a lock.

Tips for installing built-in safes are expected in a future article.

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