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Curbstones on wheels

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Cart for tool Ferocon TI
Cart for tool Ferocon TI

5 600.00 грн.

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Tool trolley Ferocon Green
Tool trolley Ferocon Green

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Tool trolley Ferocon Blue
Tool trolley Ferocon Blue

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Buy inexpensive metal cabinet on wheels

A sliding metal curbstone is a simple but convenient design that facilitates work in the workshop, acting as a mobile organizer for screwdrivers, hardware or wrenches. The mobile pedestal saves time on looking for the right tool, due to its free movement, it can be placed next to you in any part of the workshop. The metal pedestal on wheels can be in two versions:

in the form of a trolley, with a handle for movement;
the cabinet is tool mobile, without a handle.
The price of the structure is influenced by the thickness of the metal, the size, the quality of the fittings, the material of the wheels and the number of drawers. If you need an inexpensive drawer unit, you can choose the small model with 3 drawers and rubber wheels.
A tool cabinet on wheels is used not only by mechanics in auto repair shops, service stations or tire shops, but also by locksmiths or carpenters to arrange workplaces in workshops. They are also used in production workshops at repair and assembly sites.

Characteristics of a metal cabinet on wheels

Despite the fact that the capacity of the structure directly depends on the dimensions, the number and height of the boxes are important. For example, a drawer height of 80-85 mm is sufficient for screwdrivers and wrenches, and a drawer with a height of 250 mm is suitable for cans of liquids or paint. The cabinet with overall dimensions of 800x450 mm can accommodate 5 drawers of different heights. The permissible load on the structure is 150 kg.
To choose a bedside table that will be convenient to use, and not just stand near the wall, you need to consider a few points:

the larger and heavier the structure, the more difficult it is to move it;
for the curbstone to be more maneuverable, the wheels must be swivel;
the height of the boxes must be planned for your working tools.
The type of wheels is selected depending on the load on the curbstone and on the surface on which it will be moved. The best option are wheels made of rubber or polyurethane.
In some models, central locking can be installed, which is convenient in cases where you need to restrict access to personal tools or accountable materials. You can also order containers for small parts and screwdriver stands for convenience.

Advantages of buying a bedside table on wheels in our store

To find a metal cabinet at a bargain price, you can spend a few days searching in stores or you can order it online. But in order to save money on a purchase, it is better to order directly from the manufacturer. Ferocon is not just an online store, but a domestic manufacturer that makes custom-made furniture for private clients, large companies, and also exports products.
Metal cabinets in our assortment are presented in several models, in addition, you can order an individual production of a structure according to the parameters you need. Standard drawers contain 3-6 drawers and 4 wheels. The top is made in the form of a tray with a special coating or tool mat. The boxes can be of the same or different heights.
For individual orders, designers will make drawings for the manufacture of pedestals of any size. In addition, there is an opportunity to choose a sliding mechanism for smooth opening of drawers, locks for wheels and accessories, in the form of handles or guides. The construction time is determined for each order based on the complexity and quantity.
The availability of standard structures in the warehouse can be clarified by calling our office or filling out the contact form on the Ferocon website. Ordering finished products makes it possible not to waste time waiting for the preparation of design documentation and manufacturing. We cooperate with clients regardless of their location and send furniture to any region by Nova Poshta, Deliveri. Orders are shipped unassembled, which saves shipping costs.
To equip a workshop inexpensively, you no longer need to pick up a welding machine or a screwdriver yourself, you can order high quality metal furniture with a guarantee from Ferocon.

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