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Army wardrobe

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Cabinet NO 11-01-03x18x05-C-2-7035
Cabinet NO 11-01-03x18x05-C-2-7035

2 970.00 грн.

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Metal cabinet for locker rooms Ferocon NO 22-01-08х18х05-C
Metal cabinet for locker rooms Ferocon NO 22-01-08х18х05-C

5 880.00 грн.

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Metal cabinet for clothes Ferocon NO 24-01-08х18х05-C
Metal cabinet for clothes Ferocon NO 24-01-08х18х05-C

6 250.00 грн.

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Ferocon Army Wardrobe

The army cabinet is a metal structure, which consists of a durable steel case with doors and various internal filling. Such models are used to store military ammunition, seasonal clothing such as overcoats, ankle boots or personal items.
A wardrobe is purchased for the army for the needs of soldiers and officers. Considering the daily use of the structure, it must be roomy, durable and functional. The service life of the structures is longer compared to similar wooden models. The steel case withstands various loads, and thanks to the powder paint, the army metal cabinet is easy to wash and keep clean.
Such models of cabinets are purchased by military units, army corps and various military formations including: ground, mechanized tank, missile, airborne assault, naval and air units.


Features of army cabinets

The assortment line of military clothing furniture is presented in several options. Depending on the size of the models, you can purchase:

  • a large army metal cabinet - a two-door spacious structure that is suitable for a utility warehouse or a staff office;
  • small army metal cabinet - compact design, suitable for personal use by military personnel.

The cabinet can be all-welded, which is characterized by increased rigidity and wear resistance, as well as collapsible. Collapsible models are not inferior to welded ones in terms of durability and reliability, but in addition they can be easily transported.

Sectional cabinets for 2-4 cells can be used to equip a soldier's locker room. The capacity of the cells depends on the model. If space permits, one-two-door lockers can be installed. They can be equipped with a shelf for shoes, a hook or a bar for an overcoat, as well as a shelf for personal belongings.
The presence of perforations in the military wardrobe for clothes is a prerequisite when choosing a model, since it provides natural ventilation necessary for storing military uniforms of personnel.
It is not obligatory to equip cabinets with a lock. As a rule, officers use models that can be locked with a key. For a soldier's locker room, it is allowed to install cabinets without locks.


Why is it profitable to buy a wardrobe for the military from us

The purchase of military furniture can cause certain difficulties, since government funding of military units requires a statement of expenses, and due to the specificity of the furniture, the number of offers on the market is limited and not every store is ready to officially issue invoices for the purchase. Ferocon accepts orders from organizations of any form of ownership, charitable foundations or individuals, while issuing all the necessary documentation for the products, including the warranty.

In our store there are only products of our own production. We have developed a large line of military wardrobes, taking into account all the requirements for furniture for military units. Dismountable and welded models are completed with a bar, hooks, shelves, drawer or tracer. We manufacture single door wardrobes for personal use and multi-section structures for large numbers of soldiers.


Soldier's wardrobes prices

Low prices for products make it affordable for all customers. For non-standard models or wholesale lots, you can order the production of an army overcoat wardrobe to order according to individual parameters, choosing dimensions, filling and color.
Our changing room furniture is interconnected in a modular system. Cabinets can be installed both along the walls and in rows, depending on the number and size of the room. You can also order benches to fully equip the locker room and not waste time and money on additional shipping of goods.

We send army cabinets to anywhere in Ukraine. To solve problems with delivery to remote military units, you can choose targeted delivery and Nova Poshta or Deliveri will deliver the order to its destination. The preliminary cost and delivery date can be obtained from the operators of the freight carriers.
In the Ferocon online store, in addition to army cabinets, you can order weapon cabinets, safes and reinforced racks for military unit warehouses.

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