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The massage tables

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A good massage is obtained not only thanks to the professional skills of the massage therapist. For a good massage, you also need the right massage table. The effectiveness of the masseur's work on a properly selected table will be higher, since the position of the body will be as comfortable as possible. The main type of massage that is carried out on massage tables is classical massage.
The most basic area is foot and back massage. A distinctive feature of modern massage tables is their durability and resistance to heavy loads. The safety of massage tables for clients and massage therapists is a hallmark of modern tables. These tables are equipped with the ability to adjust the height.

Massage table function
This function allows you to make calculations for massage therapists of different heights. All massage tables are designed not only for classic massage. on such tables, you can carry out medical and cosmetic procedures. Now there are portable massage tables on the market, which are not at all difficult to transport directly to the client's home.
The massage tables can accommodate patients with both normal and weakened muscles.

All dangerous corners and ledges are completely insulated in quality massage tables. This assumes complete safety during massage sessions. The variety of design and upholstery styles will help you choose a massage table that will fit correctly into any interior. There are stationary massage tables that can support the increased weight, but are not suitable for permanent transportation.

Design features
Each massage table has a special place for the person's head. This makes the massage procedure more convenient and comfortable. The design feature of the massage tables is the height-adjustable legs. This feature makes it possible to operate tables on uneven floors.

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