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2 door office cupboard of TM “Ferocon” (series ShBO) is designed for storing documents, books, files and other office stuff in a large amount. In the basic configuration, the cupboard is equipped with 4 shelves, but this number of shelves can be increased up to 14 pieces.

The lock latches the door in three places promoting by this the better fixation.

The cupboard is made from sheet steel, that provides a reliable level of protection for its content in comparison with cabinets made from plastic or wood.

Document storage cupboard set includes 3 keys and 4 shelves. The span between fasteners for shelves – 7cm.

Office metal cupboard of TM “Ferocon” are supplied to a customer folded, this allows to decrease a risk of damage during transportation. The cupboard assemblage requires not extra knowledge and is simple process.

Full marking of the cupboard: ShBO -12-02-08х18х04-Ц-7035

Type of coating: powder
Dimensions: W 800 x H 1800 x D 400mm
Removable shelf: 4 pcs.
Type of lock: cam lock
Number of sections/doors: 1/2