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Two door wardrobe locker is made of high grade steel and designed for storing changeable clothes and second pair of shoes. The surface of the locker is coated with powder paint, which has good performance properties.  Each locker has headgear shelf, hooks for light dress and crossbar for hanger. Door is equipped with ventilation louvers, letting to the fresh air freely circulates throughout the cabinet. 

The wardrobe lockers of TM “Ferocon” are supplied to a customer folded.

Full marking of the locker: Металлический модульный одежный шкаф НО 12-01-04x18x05-Ц

Dimensions: W 400 x H 1800 x D 500mm
Type of coating: powder
Type of lock: cam lock
Number of sections/doors: 1/2 pcs.

Metallicheskiy modulnyiy odezhnyiy shkaf NO 12-01-04x18x05-Ts

1546.00 uah